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Tech dive sites accessible from Phuket Besides tech training we love tech diving. If you are already certified lets go for best tech dive sites around Phuket:

  • Similans – many sites, located mainly at western sides give opportunities of deep rock formations and pinnacles going down up to 40-70 meters. Selected boats provide full support of tech divers. Temperature 22-30 Celsius, visibility is 10-40 meters
  • Hin Daeng and Hin Muang – the best Thailand wall diving. Max depth 75 meter Temperature 22-30 degrees, visibility 10-40 meters
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Technical diving rings a bell of something difficult, expensive and not really fun. It may be very different in clear and warm waters of Thailand. We have preset tech diving programs according to holidays schedule and budget. We also think that tec is a natural consequence of self development of quite a big number of divers.

The very first orientating program in tech gear is called “Discover Tec” The main goal of this program is to answer question if tech gear is not too heavy, is it comfortable, and would I like it and so on. During one day program, which costs exactly the same as recreational intro DSD, you have opportunity to acquaint yourself with double tanks set, wing, stage deco tanks and another typical elements f technical diving gear. You will take some quick theory session and go for diving in the pool or confined water not deeper than 10 meters. Because this program equals with first session of Tec40 program, you may easily continue the next course, with 100% financial refund of Tech Intro program.

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Tech Deep Instructor course is designed to let candidates teach courses Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 in efficient and safe manner. Course included basic training and additionally assisting during course. It may be provided in two options: for already certified tech divers in DSAT or another training organization or in conjunction both instructor and student level combined into one integrated program.